Charity donation — week 01

The first week since our launch has already ended. As far as we are concerned, the week has flown by! Let’s start with a little summary!

Some statistics:
✅ Telegram grew from about 100 members to almost 900 members.
✅ Twitter followers grew from 50 followers to about 600 followers.
✅ Holders grew from about 100 to 400!
✅ Market cap grew from $100,000 to $500,000 to as much as $1,000,000.

Last week:
✅ Poocoin ads launched
✅ CryptoMoonShots posts posted
✅ influencers collaborations
✅ Almost 1.9B tokens burned!
✅ Almost 3,000 transfers made
✅ 400+ holders
✅ Finetuning website

Weekly Twitter Campaign 01
✅ 133 Participants
✅ 5 winners, up to 100$ in $ZEASE

What’s next?
✅ First weekly charity donation
⭕️ Voting for weekly charity donations
⭕️ Website redesign / update (working on)
⭕️ Whitepaper redesign / update (working on)
⭕️ Poocoin Ads budget expanding
⭕️ New r/CryptoMoonShots posts
⭕️ Influencer collabrations
⭕️ New weekly paid twitter campaign for community members

The first weekly donation!

The first giving back effort of Zero Disease started from day 1. Every single transaction that people make has a 3% transaction fee. 1% of every transaction goes straight to the charity wallet to be donated.

This week we decided we had a special charity in mind to start with, we will explain why later on!

The voting procedure

Future weekly donations will be made to charities chosen by the community. In the first phase we as a team will propose four diffrent charities every week. The community has a week to vote for their ‘favourite’ charity.

In the second phase the community will have the ability to propose charities, in which the rest of the community will be able to vote for these charities.

The charity of week 1

Save the Children was one of the first global nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency and has accepted Bitcoin donations since 2013. They were the first nonprofit beneficiary of Bitcoin Black Friday via the BitGive Foundation in response to Typhoon Haiyan that struck Southeast Asia and devastated the Philippines.

Due to their early acceptance of Bitcoin in combination with an unverisal favor factor of giving back to children, we felt like this charity is the one to start with.

So what’s next? That’s right, the donation! But how much?

Because we are still in an early phase, and are still within a low marketcap zone, we need to be cautious in selling $ZEASE to donate to charities. Therefore not all $ZEASE tokens that have been collected this week have been sold for BNB to be donated.

The total amount in US Dollars that will be donated this week is… $2,052.93

We are truly happy and blessed to be able to donate to such an amazing charity just a week after we launched. It is all because of you, our community, that we are able to do this!

Next week charities

  1. Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is a global nonprofit organization focused on improving the understanding, prevention and treatment of psychiatric and mental illnesses.

More information:

2. Epilepsy Foundation

To lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

More information:

3. Open Medicine Foundation

Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) leads the largest, worldwide nonprofit effort to diagnose, treat, and prevent chronic, complex diseases such asMyalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Post-COVID Syndrome, Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), and Fibromyalgia. OMF envisions improved health care for patients suffering from chronic complex diseases with collaboration between the patients,clinicians, and researchers.

More information:

4. CHUF — Children’s Heart Unit Fund

CHUF’s mission is to make life better for children and young people who are born with or who develop heart conditions by providing lifelong support to them and their families. CHUF supports children and families who receive treatment at the Children’s Heart Unit based at the Freeman Hospital and the many other hospitals providing care for cardiac patients throughout the North of England.

More information:

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